Cyber attacks continue to grow against the wide range of industries that rely on connected systems to manufacture products, monitor industrial processes, operate critical infrastructure and perform countless other sensitive processes. These attacks against industrial systems—generally referred to as “Operational Technology” (OT)—threaten to stop production, impair the integrity of safety-critical systems or even cause physical damage or personal injury. Numerous industries also face significant corresponding legal risk, including manufacturing, oil and gas, electric power, chemicals, water and many more.

While the challenges are substantial, companies can take practical steps to help mitigate these risks. Effective collaboration between legal, security and business teams can significantly reduce risks to businesses in the wake of a cyber incident involving operational technology. Likewise, close collaboration between legal, security and business stakeholders before incidents occur—including through internal assessments, vulnerability management and tabletop exercises—can reduce future legal risk.

In this webinar, Mayer Brown and Dragos cybersecurity teams discussed practical lessons from the field in how legal teams can work with security and other business stakeholders to mitigate cyber risk to operational technology.

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