The beauty business in Hong Kong is booming. Treatments can range from traditional facials to more invasive procedures utilising medical devices, such as laser hair removal and intradermal microinjection procedures. On 15 June 2015 and 2 February 2016, the Consumer Council in Hong Kong reported that consumer complaints made against beauty industry businesses rose 5.4% and 21% in 20141 and 20152, respectively. Some of the major incidents of beauty treatments gone wrong have made headlines (such as cases where customers died as a result of liposuction treatments at beauty clinics).

As a result of the increased scrutiny under which the beauty industry has been placed over the last few years, in June 2016, the Hong Kong Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data issued a new Guidance Note on the Proper Handling of Customers’ Personal Data for the Beauty Industry (Beauty Industry Guidelines).

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